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There are times when you just can't achieve the desired results with soft lenses, soft torics or conventional gas permeable contact lenses. Vision can fluctuate or dry eyes can cause poor stability and fluctuating vision. Many of these issues can now be solved with the use of scleral contacts. These are designed with a completely different fitting philosophy in mind. They were often reserved for specialty cases like irregular post surgical corneas or diseases like keratoconus. Although they are still used for such situations, they are now available for all patients. So if you're a specialty patient or are simply dissatisfied with previous fits, consider Acculens' Easy or Maxim Fit Scleral designs. Ask to see if they're right for you at your next visit.

OptoVue at MMO

The OptoVue OCT is now routinely utilized for those 25 and over during the pre-test phase of our exams. The scanner provides a detailed view of the back of theeye helping to screen for early macular degeneration, glaucoma and other entities.