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Laser Vision Correction

Here at Mira Mesa Optometry we offer a wide array of servies including laser vision correction. In conjunction with Nvision Laser Eye Center, we provide exceptional quality care, technology and expertise to ensure that your results meet your expectations.

Steps for a successful outcome:

Surgical Evaluation

Your experience begins with a careful refractive surgery evaluation here at our office. We recommend an updated eye exam so that we can review your medical history, assess the condition of your eyes and discuss how any problems, if detected, could impact your outcome. Your doctor will also check to see if your prescription is stable.

Advanced Diagnostic Testing

Advanced diagnostic testing will then be done at the Nvision center to further determine your eligibility for the surgery and a review of all your options will be discussed.

Post Operative Follow Ups

Once the surgery is completed your follow ups will then begin at day 1 and continue at scheduled intervals up to 6 months. A full exam is then recommended at 1 year.

Why Nvision?

We know that you have many choices available to you for laser eye surgery, but Dr. Guiang chooses to co-manage with Nvision because he strongly feels they provide the highest quality care, up to date technology and unparalleled experience.

"Whoever I choose to partner with has to have the same high standards and commitment to the patient that I expect of myself. The surgeons have to be accessible and willing to keep communication open for all involved. They also have to use the best technology and have exceptional experience.

I've chosen to co-manage with Nvision because they have consistently met those expectations. I see them as an extension of my office."

Orlando Guiang, OD

Who are our Nvision doctors?

Max Parikh, MD

Has been board certified for more than 9 years, Dr. Parikh has performed more than 12,000 LASIK procedures, including many patients who are San Diego Chargers players. He specializes in LASIK, PRK, LASEK, cataracts, intraocular lenses, custom LASIK and Wavefront technology, intrastromal corneal rings (Intacs), and CK. He was one of the first west-coast surgeons trained in custom Wavefront treatment technology.

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